Popular Theory Trailer Previews Coming-of-Age School Comedy

Popular Theory Trailer Previews Coming-of-Age School Comedy

The official Popular Theory trailer for Blue Fox Entertainment’s upcoming school comedy has been released.

The video features two kid geniuses who creates a gum that could turned anyone popular as their state science fair project. However, things eventually go sideways when their subjects started becoming obsessed with their newfound popularity. The film is scheduled to make its debut in theaters on February 9.

Check out the Popular Theory trailer below (watch more trailers):

“In the film, 12 yr. old Erwin is a genius, far smarter than any of her high school classmates,” reads the synopsis. “But Erwin’s genius has come at a price: isolation. She doesn’t have any friends and even her sister thinks she’s a social leper. Determined to win the State Science Fair, she teams up with classmate Winston, a fellow outcast and chemistry guru, to create a popularity chemical which they add into sticks of chewing gum.”

Popular Theory is directed and produced by Ali Scher from a screenplay she co-wrote with Joe Swanson. The film stars Cheryl Hines, Sophia Reid-Ganzert, Chloe East, Lincoln Lambert, Marc Evan Jackson, Melissa Ponzio, Eugenie Bondurant, and Kat Conner Sterling. It is produced by Christian Hall and Errol Sadler.

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