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HanuMan Release Date, Cast & More About Teja Sajja’s Superhero Movie

Teja Sajja‘s superhero flick HanuMan is right around the corner. The movie is releasing in a day, and his fans are excited. HanuMan is a blend of mythology and fantasy, and this unique concept has intrigued many. All eyes are now on the film and how it would perform at the box office. Ahead of the movie’s release, here are all the details about it.

Prasanth Varma has served as the film’s director and is promising mass entertainment with it. The movie’s promotions are on a roll, and its makers have been spilling beans about it. With every interview, the film’s team provides more details, leaving the audience curious. Primeshow Entertainment is bankrolling the Teja Sajja starter, which is filled with action and drama.

HanuMan Release Date & Runtime

HanuMan will hit the theaters on January 12, 2024, just before Sankranti. The Central Board of Film Certification has given the film a U/A censor rating. On the other hand, as per Track Tollywood, its runtime has been locked at 158 minutes (2 hours 38 minutes).

However, the film shares its release with several other movies because of the busy festive season. Sankranti is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in Telugu-speaking states, and filmmakers often aim to release their movies around it. This year, not one or two but four different star-studded Telugu movies are hitting the theaters. These include Mahesh Babu’s Guntur Kaaram, Venkatesh’s Saindhav, and Nagarjuna’s Naa Saami Ranga.

However, HanuMan star Teja Sajja is ready to face the competition. In an interview with Indian Express, the actor mentioned how every Sankranti is packed with film releases. Despite the competition, Sajja added that the makers are certain about having a dream run in the theaters. He said, “I feel the audience in our culture is ready to watch three or more films for Sankranthi because we have holidays for five to six days. It’s a holiday season, and we will not have big releases until February first or second week. So we will have a dream run. If word-of-mouth is good and people like the film, then it will run for a good time.”

HanuMan plot details, cast & more

HanuMan’s trailer created quite a stir among the audience. It revealed how the film would revolve around a common man who gains the power of lord Hanuman. However, he uses his strength to protect the people of his homeland, Anjanadri. Teja Sajja has claimed the upcoming movie is different from any other superhero film made in India. In the same interview, he said, “A superhero film often follows the same template. For the first time, we have mixed itihas (history) with the superhero idea. It is never seen that with God’s blessings, a person has got these powers.”

The actor then teased a great VFX in the movie and said, “That is the difference. As we go into the film, you will understand the connection between the hero and the powers coming from God. That will be very exciting to watch on screen, with great VFX.”

Not only VFX, but HanuMan also has many talented actors. Apart from Teja Sajja, Amrita Aiyar, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Vinay Raj, Samuthirakani, and others are playing key roles. The buzz around the movie is real, as the audience is seemingly excited to catch the film in the theaters. As per a report by 123telugu.com, several paid film premieres were sold out by January 10, 2024.

The same portal has also reported that the film is ditching its international release. The portal has claimed the makers are not promoting its international releases in its posters. The film was initially scheduled to hit the theaters in both local and international languages. Apart from Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, and Kannada, it was set to be released in English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese languages. However, an official statement is awaited.

In conclusion, HanuMan’s performance will be finally examined by the audience on January 12, 2024.

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