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Marry My Husband Episode 4 Recap & Spoilers: Is Na In-Woo Living a Second Life Like Park Min-Young?

Episode 4 of Marry My Husband starring Park Min-Young and Na In-Woo, arrived on tvN and Prime Video on Tuesday, January 9. 2024. In this episode, Park Min-Young’s character Kang Ji-Won succeeds in making a striking impression on everyone at the office with her new elegant look and confidence.

Marry My Husband episode 4 also showcases Na In-Woo’s character Yoo Ji-Hyuk constantly helping Ji-Won in every way possible. The new episode also reveals a massive truth about Yoo Ji-Hyuk and why he is helping Kang Ji-Won. Thus, the fourth episode has a series of satisfying and astounding events.

Marry My Husband Episode 4: Is Na In-Woo also in his second life just like Park Min-Young?

Marry My Husband episode 4 begins right where the third episode ends. After Baek Eun-Ho (Lee Gi-Kwang) confesses to Ji-Won that he had a crush on her back in high school, the two exchange phone numbers. Yoo Ji-Hyuk is jealous after seeing the two together. He goes on to call Ji-Won and tells her to meet him for an urgent job. Ji-Won then leaves to meet him.

Soon, the two resolve the work and have a comforting conversation, while having coffee. It is quite evident that the two are quite compatible and gel up easily. Ji-Won even compliments him on his smile. She also tells him to try contact lenses instead of his glasses. After that, Ji-Hyuk takes her home. The next day, Ji-Won shocks everyone at the office with her brand-new and stunning makeover. She gets a lot of praise from all the other staff members.

They also start seeing her differently and also start showing her respect. Ji-Hyuk is smitten by Kang Ji-Won but does not like the fact that every other man in the office is staring at her. The two then have a quick conversation at the office. Ji-Hyuk lightly asks her why she’s dressed that way. In response, Ji-Won tells her that she likes how things have changed for her at the office due to her new look. She then notices that Ji-Hyuk has taken her advice and is wearing contact lenses instead of his regular glasses. She then tells him to try new dressing styles.

In the meantime in the fourth episode of Marry My Husband, Ji-Won agrees to have a conversation with her then-boyfriend Park Min-Hwan (Lee Yi-Kyung). He keeps on complimenting her for her looks and then starts talking about Ji-Hyuk. Min-Hwan tells Ji-Won that he believes Ji-Hyuk likes her. It seems like, Ji-Won secretly likes the idea of Ji-Hyuk liking her.

However, later on in the Marry My Husband episode, she sees Ji-Hyuk with Yoo Hee-Yeon (Choi Gyu-Ri), who is her new friend and favorite junior worker at the office. Seeing them together, she misunderstands their relationship. Soon, Yoo Hee-Yeon is seen at Ji-Hyuk’s house. There, she addresses Ji-Hyuk’s grandfather as “grandfather”, denoting that she is Ji-Hyuk’s sister.

The ending scene of episode 4 of Marry My Husband is arguably the biggest highlight of the K-drama series till now. In the end, the series reveals that Ji-Hyuk is also currently living his second life just like Ji-Won. He also passed away in 2023 in a car accident, while returning from Ji-Won’s funeral. He has also travelled back to 2013 like Kang Ji-Won.

The Marry My Husband episode also displays that he has a heart sign on his chest, similar to the ones that Ji-Won’s father used to make on the currency notes. Thus, it is quite clear they have a special connection as they are both given a second chance to live their lives differently.

Viewers can watch episode 4 of Marry My Husband on Prime Video.

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