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Marry My Husband Webtoon Ending Spoiler: Does It Have a Happy or Sad Ending? 

Park Min-Young’s new K-drama Marry My Husband recently premiered and has gained much attention. Due to its popularity, the webtoon’s ending has started grabbing netizens’ attention. 

The tvN drama is based on Naver’s Marry My Husband webtoon by Seong So-Jak. The story revolves around Kang Ji-Won, a married working lady living with a selfish husband and dominating mother-in-law. On top of an unhappy marriage, she finds out that she has cancer.

While going through a tough phase, she catches her husband and best friend having an affair. She confronts him, a huge fight breaks out, and he kills her. When Ji-Won wakes up, she realizes she has traveled back in time. She decides to seek revenge on her husband and her close friend.

While the K-drama just started airing new episodes on tvN, the webtoon ended in 2023 with a happy ending.

Marry My Husband Webtoon ending: Did Kang Ji-Won get revenge?

In the Marry My Husband webtoon, Kang Ji-Won travels back ten years when she and Park Min-Hwan (now husband) were dating. She plans to seek revenge on him by rewriting her fate. This time, she desires a happy life and, thus, plans to marry off her best friend to her cheating then-boyfriend.

During the journey, she meets Yoo Ji-Hyeok, and the two fall in love. In the Marry My Husband webtoon ending, Ji-Won gets a successful revenge. Min-Hwan and Jung Soo-Min get married but aren’t happy. While they face the consequences, the mother-in-law also suffers due to her new daughter-in-law, Soo-Min. 

The final chapter of the webtoon shows Ji-Won in a wedding dress. She hints that she is pregnant with twins. Ji-Won and Ji-Hyeok find their happy ending, along with other supporting characters. 

Marry My Husband K-drama cast & more

Although Marry My Husband webtoon is out there, and fans can find out the ending easily, the K-drama has an amazing cast that makes it interesting to watch. In the main roles, Park Min-Young plays Kang Ji-Won, Na In-Woo plays Yoo Ji-Hyeok, Lee Yi-Kyung plays Park Min-Hwan’s role, and Song Ha-Yoon plays Jung Soo-Min.

The other actors include Lee Gi-Kwang, Gong Min-Jung, Choi Gyu-Ri, Kim Joong-Hee, Ha Do-Kwon, Cha Young-Mi, Moon Sung-Geun, Jung Kyung-Soon, Jung Suk-Yong, and Jo Jin-Se. 

The official synopsis of Marry My Husband K-drama reads, “Kang Ji-won, a terminally ill cancer patient, is killed by her husband and best friend after she witnesses them having an affair. She wakes up 10 years before the incident and decides to seek revenge with the help of Yu Ji-hyuk, a director at the company where she works. Now, she must reclaim her fate and eliminate the trash from her life.”

The revenge drama airs twice a week on Mondays and Tuesdays. Consisting of 16 episodes, a total of three episodes have been released so far. In the latest episode 3, Ji-Won’s transformation into a bold and beautiful lady is shown. She is all set to seek revenge on Min-Hwan and thus stops being the victim.

Marry My Husband Episode 4 will air on Tuesday, January 8, 2024, at 8.50 p.m. KST on tvN. It also streams on Amazon Prime Video.

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