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Marry My Husband Episode 3 Recap & Spoilers: Park Min-Young Stuns Everyone With New Look At School Reunion

The highly awaited episode 3 of Marry My Husband, the popular revenge K-drama starring Park Min-Young as the lead character Kang Ji-Won, aired on tvN and Prime Video on Monday, January 8, 2024. The new episode will definitely satisfy viewers as Ji-Won gets the upper hand over her fake best friend, Soo-Min (Song Ha-Yoon), for the first time.

In the third episode of Marry My Husband, Park Min-Young’s Ji-Won achieves a brand new look with the help of her new friend at work, Yoo Hee-Yeon (Choi Gyu-Ri). With her new-found confidence and beautiful makeover, she makes a stunning entry at a restaurant at her high school reunion. The episode also reveals U&K Food’s marketing manager and Ji-Won’s boss, Yoo Ji-Hyuk, one-sided love for Kang Ji-Won.

Marry My Husband Episode 3: Park Min-Young’s gorgeous new look stuns everyone at school reunion

Marry My Husband episode 3 begins right where the second episode ends. Park Min-Young’s Ji-Won gets flustered and scared as her then-boyfriend Park Min-Hwan (Lee Yi-Kyung) tries to spend some intimate time with her. However, the sudden arrival of a food delivery man saves Ji-Won from the situation. She somehow manages to get Min-Hwan out of her apartment.

The episode then shows that Yoo Ji-Hyuk is the one who sent the delivery man to Ji-Won’s apartment to save her. Later on, Yoo Ji-Hyuk has a private conversation with his grandfather. His grandfather discloses that he will soon become the owner of U&K. They also argue certain responsibility issues.

The exact reason for their argument is not revealed in the episode. During their conversation, Ji-Hyuk tells his grandfather that he likes someone, but it is one-sided. His past behaviors and actions show that the person he likes is Kang Ji-Won. He has been helping her from the very beginning since she traveled back ten years before her unfortunate death.

The biggest highlight of the new Marry My Husband episode is Ji-Won’s makeover. Soo-Min invited her to a restaurant. It is a high school reunion. Ji-Won hesitates as she already knows how humiliated she will be if she goes there. She was bullied by many of her classmates due to false rumors spread by Soo-Min back then.

But she gets the courage to go to the reunion after Yoo Hee-Yeon helps her to get a new gorgeous look. She achieves a splendid new look with shortened and styled hair, new classy clothes, and authentic jewelry. When she finally enters the reunion, everyone is shocked to see her like that, especially Soo-Min, who is too stunned to talk.

Soo-Min’s (Song Ha-Yoon) lies are finally out in front of everyone in Episode 3

Despite her new look and impressive achievements in work life, Kang Ji-Won still gets harassed by the other girls at the reunion. Back in high school, Soo-Min told them that Ji-Won made her break up with her boyfriend, Baek Eun-Ho (Lee Gi-Kwang). She also told them that Ji-Won did it because she had a crush on Baek Eun-Ho.

However, the rumor is finally cleared as Baek Eun-Ho arrives at the reunion. Ji-Hyuk previously contacted and told him to attend the reunion to clear all confusion with J-Won. In reality, Baek Eun-Ho had a crush on Ji-Won. However, they could never be together as Soo-Min created misunderstandings between them. After arriving at the reunion, Eun-Ho discloses that Soo-Min was never his girlfriend.

After that, Ji-Won runs outside as she no longer wants to be there. Eun-Ho comes running after her and confesses his crush on her. Ji-Won is quite shocked after hearing it. The episode ends right there with Ji-Hyuk secretly watching them standing together.

Viewers can watch episode 3 of Marry My Husband on tvN and Prime Video.

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