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Transit Love (Exchange) Season 3 Episode 2 & 3 Recap & Spoilers: Another Ex-Couple Revealed

Episodes 2 and 3 of Transit Love (Exchange) Season 3, the top-rated Korean reality dating show, arrived on TVING on January 5, 2024. The two new episodes showcased a series of emotionally heavy events, including ex-introduction sessions, upcoming new dates, and heart-to-heart conversations.

The eight ex-lovers in season 3 of Transit Love (Exchange), which include Lee Hye Won, Cho Hwi Hyun, Lee Yu Jung, Kim Kwang Tae, Lee Seo Kyung, Seo Dong Jin, Song Da Hye, and Lee Ju Won, try to navigate their feelings for their exes throughout episode 2 and 3. Previously, episode 1 of the dating show revealed that Lee Hye Won and Cho Hwi Hyun are an ex-couple. Episode 3 discloses another ex-couple – Seo Dong Jin and Song Da Hye.

Transit Love (EXchange) Season 3 Episode 2 & 3: Ex introductions, another ex-couple disclosed & more

The biggest highlight of episode 2 of Transit Love (EXchange) season 3 is the arrival of ex-introduction letters. These letters contain an introduction for all eight participants in the dating show, written by their respective ex-lovers. Almost all participants tear up while reading these letters, especially Song Da Hye. She has been struggling with her feelings for her ex-boyfriend from the very beginning of the show.

All the ex-lovers have written good and appealing things about their exes in these letters, leaving everyone quite emotional. In Seo Dong Jin’s letter, his ex-girlfriend expresses a hint of regret for their break-up. Song Da Hye receives an extremely long and heartfelt introduction letter from her ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile, Cho Hwi Hyun receives a funny and witty introduction letter from his ex-girlfriend, Lee Hye Won.

Throughout episode 2, Lee Hye Won seems quite interested in Kim Kwang Tae, which makes her ex, Cho Hwi Hyun, a bit upset as it has only been a day since they entered the dating show. The participants also sent each other messages anonymously. However, the show reveals to them whether the message is sent by their ex-lover or not, leaving a few members heartbroken. Song Da Hye broke down again after learning that her ex had not sent her any message.

The next morning, everyone goes to work and returns at different times to the dating show house. After returning from work, Seo Dong Jin takes Lee Yu Jung with him to buy donuts for everyone. Song Da Hye is the third one to return to the house after work. The second episode of Transit Love (EXchange) season 3 ends with Song Da Hye struggling with her emotions and shedding tears alone.

Episode 3 of Transit Love (EXchange) season 3 gives viewers some highly striking moments. The four men in the show select a picture of a place quite memorable to them. The women in the house choose one of those pictures to determine with whom they will be going on a date the next day. Lee Hye Won picks Seo Dong Jin’s picture, and Lee Yu Jung chooses Cho Hwi Hyun’s picture.

Meanwhile, Song Da Hye picks Lee Ju Won’s picture, and finally, Lee Seo Kyung chooses Kim Kwang Tae’s picture. Thus, on the very next day, these pairs will go on a date to the place the four men selected by choosing the picture. The women then get the opportunity to anonymously chat with the ex-lovers of their dates in the Ex-chat room of the reality show. They all try to get as much information about their dates as possible.

At the end of episode 3 of Transit Love (EXchange) season 3, the show reveals that Seo Dong Jin and Song Da Hye are ex-lovers. The two sit together for a face-to-face, intense conversation. Both of them broke down during their conversation. They talk about what went wrong in their relationship and how they feel for each other now. The conversation also disclosed another significant information that the two were in a relationship for a total of thirteen years. It shocked all the hosts and the guest host of the dating show.

Viewers can watch episodes 2 and 3 of Transit Love (EXchange) season 3 on TVING.

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